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Friday, 11 November 2016

Think Before you Dump

Food wastage think before you dump because many people suffering from starvation

Food wastage has become a very common and severe issue in recent days , it is estimated that 500 crore worth food  is wasted in the marriage halls and hostels in  India every week . 
Our farmers sow seeds not as workers but , instead as fathers with all their dreams , desires and their responsibilities to feed millions of hungry people in this world . Earth as a mother protects them within her , allows them to sprout germinate and emerge out . In this portrayal , nature plays the role , the blowing wind helps pollinate their seeds , travelling clouds shower them and sun shines upon them finally letting them grow into plants . crops with all these care stands straight and bold facing the horrifying thunders , storms and irritating pests and weeds . It never bows down until  it sheds a handful of grains to satisfy someone's hunger.
The same crop before reaching your plate as a meal will have to travel a very hard path , not even minding losing its companions  in various  stages of the food supply  chain due to reasons like rejection for not meeting marketing  standards , transportation losses , storage losses and so on. finally completing its violent journey for a good cause , they reach their destination with pride. But this journey finally ends up in garbage .
Now after knowing all the efforts that are put in to produce a single grain and also millions of people who struggling hard to get  at least a days meal,  do you think its fair on ones part to unnecessarily consume more than required , just because of the reason that one has got  purchasing power and then inhumanely toss them into garbage .
Every time a single grain out of our meal gets into the garbage , that means we are not only wasting money but also wasting the honest efforts of the farmers , energy that is spent on producing or processing it .

As a responsible citizens each time you get up from your unfinished meal , with leftovers in the plate having no other go rather than getting into a stinky garbage , just for a second think of those millions of people struggling to grab at least a single meal a day. think of those lakhs of people dying out of starvation and malnutrition , remember the endless efforts of those determined agriculture scientists and policy makers to feed this over populated world . It is estimated that every 4 seconds a person dies due to starvation and hunger related problems in the world. In situations like these each and every grain is precious and should be handled with utmost care.

It is not just about food that we should be worrying about , but we should also think about other added contributions of the contributors of wastage like ...
  1. Hike in prices , making square meal a day a dream for the people below poverty level.
  2. Decomposing landfills full of staple food and rotting vegetables , adding dreadful toxins and green house gases into the nature.
  3. Leachate , a toxic liquid that can seep into streams , rivers and underground water supply when it comes in contact with rain water.
  4. Waste of energy , water , chemicals and labor that went into production , transportation and storage.
It is in our hands to decide what kind of world we want to pass on to our future generations . either a happy or healthy world or .....

One thing is very much true that simple and small actions by us could dramatically cut down the tonnes of food lost or wasted across the world , achieving proper channelization.
"It may be a person growing or a person buying , one has the right to eat but not to waste. So please don't be so inhuman , please do not waste food , every time you waste food , just think of those invisible hands that have toiled hard under the Sun so that the meal you are eating reaches your plate  , think of those millions of people who sleep hungry struggling  to get at least a single meal a day .