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Monday, 14 November 2016

Miracle tomato plant

biggest tomato plant in the world which has setup a Guinness world recordThe largest tomato plant in the world may be the plant that is in Walt Disney's experimental greenhouse in Lake Buena Vista , Florida , it has set a Guiness World Record by producing 32,000 tomatoes in a single harvest weighing about 522 kg.

This might be hard to believe but it is true , these tomatoes were grown by a Chinese scientist team in Disney . The tree was planted on 6th of June 2009 , at Disney's experimental green house and by the end of its first harvest season , the plant yielded 32,000 tomatoes weighing about 522 kg , can you imagine that !. This has been recorded in the Guinness book of World records as the single tree yielding most number of tomatoes in a single harvest. 

Now it is surprising because we all know that the average yield of a normal tomato plant is about 40 to 50 kg , how do you think it is possible to grow so many fruits in a single tree.

How is this possible : The Octopus Tomato Plant

This is possible because of the giant Octopus tomato tree , the octopus tomato trees are hybrids developed from normal tomato vines which are genetically engineered to yield more than that of the normal tomato trees , these tomato trees  produce an average yield of about 14,000 tomatoes in a single harvest . The tree usually grows up to 25 feet tall in height and its crown spreads up to 50 meter and it needs a supporting structure to spread upon , with proper management and cultivation techniques the normal yield can be pushed up to 20,000 tomatoes per harvest.
The seeds of these trees are available for sale on eBay  , Amazon and Aliexpress sites for any one who is interested in harvesting 32,000 tomatoes in a single harvest.